Women’s Leadership Programs

Corporate and Open-Enrollment Women’s Leadership Programs

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vision Quest Consulting, Wendy Capland has assembled a team of leadership and personal development experts to provide leading edge Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, and Leadership Programs for Women.

We deliver both open enrollment programs for women to develop themselves as leaders, and corporate programs that support diversity and inclusion and women’s initiatives.

Our corporate women’s programs focus on the specific needs and capabilities of women. We help professional women harness their full leadership potential as they learn new ways to reach their highest potential, expand and advance their careers, and deepen their level of personal satisfaction. Since 2006, thousands of women have attended our open enrollment leadership programs and retreats to develop their personal brand of leadership, understand their unique strengths, increase their personal presence and influence, and take their next bold step.

Open-Enrollment Women’s Leadership Programs and Retreats


Our open enrollment Public Programs

Our open enrollment Public Programs and Retreats are for women who are ready to create a new kind of leadership for themselves as they learn to expand their vision, their contributions, and the impact they are meant to make.

We inspire and teach women how to step into higher levels of leadership. We offer outstanding speakers, interaction with women role models, and personal and professional transformation in a community that is focused on developing long-lasting relationships and a network of like-minded, positive and inspiring women. Participants experience self discovery, self assessment, and new ways to create their future. These unique and highly experiential programs, give participants the opportunity to take the time to re-invent themselves, grow their leadership, and explore their dreams.

Corporate Leadership Development Programs for Women


Vision Quest Consulting focuses on increasing performance, success, and satisfaction of individuals and organizations as they accelerate the ascent of women to the top. We have delivered leadership training to thousands of emerging and senior level women in corporations, organizations and at industry conferences, allowing women expand their capabilities and organizations to shore up their bench strength while leveraging their women leaders’ unique strengths to drive strong business results.


Any of the above topics can be offered in a variety of formats including keynotes, workshops and longer intensive programs where attendees leave refreshed and energized by their peer interactions, inspired by fresh insights, and committed to actions that will impact them professionally and personally.

Studies have shown double digit increases in productivity and profitability in companies with more women leaders.  Organizations that create a culture of equal opportunity and diversity are better positioned to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.

For more information about keynote presentations, visit speaking engagements.

Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

As a strategic and powerful resource for women leaders, we offer Executive Coaching, in addition to our Women’s Leadership programs. Executive Coaching is a proven success strategy for developing powerful leadership in organizations and personal and professional transformation in individuals.

We equip women with the skills and behaviors to radically increase their performance and their ability to achieve superior business results and personal success. Our Executive Coaching services help organizations grow their leadership bench strength by developing leaders, teams, and change agents.

At Vision Quest Consulting, our coaches serve as confidential thought-partners, sounding boards, and advisors to help executives and emerging leaders create personal mastery as they learn to more effectively leverage themselves and increase their personal and business impact.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are selected for their seniority, their robust business backgrounds, and their track record of success in creating sustainable change at the most senior levels in Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start up organizations.

Our coaches have had founding or lead roles in the following organizations: Executive Coaching Summit, International Consortium of Coaching, Conversation Among Masters, International Coach Federation, and the Transformational Leadership Council.

Our team of highly experienced and certified coaches work with individuals and teams to create the following results:

      • Expand leadership capacity by facilitating the individual’s learning about themselves
      • Stretch individuals into their fullest leadership potential by increasing personal power, executive presence and influence
      • Develop and embed key core leadership mindsets, competencies, and skills
      • Develop new strategies for business success and achieving goals
      • Manage and navigate strategic alliances, relationships and key stakeholders
      • Foster networks to address complex, multi-sectoral issues and challenges and silos
      • Resolve complex issues and challenges through providing a confidential sounding board and advisory role
      • Achieve identified business results faster and better
      • Create greater success in conducting high impact and difficult conversations
      • Enhance and refine personal leadership brand
      • Transform the communication, relationships, and results of management teams
      • Increase personal effectiveness, performance, and managerial habits and behaviors

Our Corporate Experience

SpeakingA partial list of Vision Quest Consulting’s Executive Coaching engagements include: CVS Caremark, MetLife, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, EMC, Cisco Systems, OneBeacon Insurance, Monotype Imaging, Healthcare Financial, Appleton Partners, Children’s Hospital Boston, Reliant Medical Group, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Vanguard Health Systems, Selective Insurance, State Street Bank, McKinsey & Co, Hearts on Fire, Pfizer, Novartis, Celgene, Hewlett Packard, Phillips, Danbury Hospital, Partners Healthcare, Harbor Health Services, Mark Anthony Group, Donaldson Company, X-Rite Corporation, Medtronic, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Matrix Solutions, and Fike Corporation.

Executive Coaching is a fully customized process. Contact us about Executive Coaching and we will be happy to discuss engagement components, length, and investment.

Women’s Leadership Program Descriptions

Executive Presence 

Leadership is not a one time event; it’s a practice. Executive presence is the essence of leadership and is an embedded skill, behavior, and attitude that becomes a personal trait that with practice increases your power, influence, competence, and aligns your authentic self with how others perceive you.

“Executive Presence” is a two-day intensive program for any executive, manager or emerging leader who wants to learn how to generate a more powerful presence in order to increase their ability to deal with conflict, present ideas with confidence, and be responsive to what’s needed in the moment. We speak to the world with our presence and our presence speaks before we even say anything. If you are not aware of your state or presence, you will react and respond based on automatic habits which may be either productive or potentially damaging. This program will immerse you in an experience that is guaranteed to shift your future, augment the presence you already have, and open up new dimensions of personal and professional impact. Participants will experience innovative guidance and facilitation of this core leadership behavior, with a focus on practicing and creating new and more effective habits to increase impact and results. Length: 2 days

> Being a Change Agent

In today’s fast paced and complex business environment, women play a vital role in enabling and facilitating organizational change. Facilitating change requires courage and confidence to take action to leverage themselves and to successfully navigate the politics and organizational systems and structures.

“Being a Change Agent” is a one-day program for early to mid-management level women custom designed to enhance their capability to be effective and powerful change agents. Women leaders are most effective when they capitalize on their unique strengths and build their leadership platform on a foundation of relationship and collaboration. This program is designed to provoke insights and offer strategies to enable women to more successfully take appropriate risks, influence others, navigate corporate culture, manage upward, and have impact as change agents. Participants will experience innovative leadership development, with a rich mix of content, small group activities, individual reflection, and spontaneous large group discussion. Length: Full day

> The Art of Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an extraordinary tool that can deliver dramatic results and drive significant financial impact to the bottom line of any organization. Many organizations today utilize leadership coaching to build alignment, accelerate goals, and develop current and future leaders.

Leaders who consistently utilize coaching skills have more effective teams, create higher morale, and execute better bottom-line results. Focused on execution and results, organizations with a coaching culture report better retention rates, better customer service, and higher productivity.

In this interactive and lively workshop session, participants will have the opportunity to expand their coaching skills by learning advanced skills they can use immediately to coach others and integrate into their current leadership style. Length: Half day

Enhancing the Leader Within

Masterful leadership requires constant re-evaluation of one’s individual platform and willingness to explore and build one’s personal leadership brand. Wendy Capland helps audiences enhance their impact as leaders by re-examining their individual strengths, power, and presence in the context of their roles at work. This self leadership development session helps participants see themselves in new authentic ways and question their own firmly held perceptions as they develop a new strategy and brand for themselves and their leadership. Attendees will enable their deepest thinking about themselves and their leadership and leave with new insights that will enable them to grow, navigate more effectively, and position themselves more strategically. At the end of this unique and highly experiential session, participants return to work with a new personal leadership brand and practical steps to implement immediately that will align their desires with their future results and outcomes. Length: Half day

Mastering the Art of High Stakes Conversations

As women leaders, we need to learn to take our seat at the “big table,” have our voices and ideas heard, and more effectively influence key stakeholders.  In addition, effective leaders must address tough topics, share difficult information, and manage interpersonal conflict. Whether it’s giving employee performance reviews, conducting customer fee negotiations, or managing up strategically to get the results we want, we must be able to conduct difficult conversations effectively.  Women leaders know the power of being able to handle tough situations with compassion, skill and professionalism. Yet sometimes, situations are so challenging that our usually reliable communication skill set just doesn’t seem to be enough, and navigating the top echelons within our organization can be frustrating, at best.

This highly interactive program is designed to help women leaders enhance their skill set by learning powerful and effective skills and techniques that will enable challenging conversations to be conducted with more success, ease, and confidence and with more effective outcomes. Length: Full day

Strategic Decision Making: Influence Power and Presence

Do you make decisions about capital, talent, products or services? If so, this program will help you more effectively make strategic decisions, thereby increasing your effectiveness and results. Many of us approach decision making that neither puts enough options on the table nor permits sufficient evaluation to ensure that we can make the best choice.

Participants will learn how to increase their ability to influence and negotiate. In addition, they will learn to apply new processes to help reduce risk and choose the best course of action for their projects, teams, organizations, and themselves. The concepts taught in this program will help women leaders achieve universal objectives to increase revenues, reduce costs, and implement key initiatives. The concepts taught in this program are a must for every emerging or current leader in every organization. Length: 1-2 days

Get in the Driver’s Seat: Career Mapping

Own your future! Take control and responsibility for creating what’s next on your own professional horizon.

As women, we generally wait to be offered new opportunities, believing that, if we do a good job and work hard, we will be recognized and presented with what’s next.   Even when offered an opportunity, we wonder if we are really ready or if the timing is really right.  Men, in contrast, raise their hand for opportunities despite the circumstances or their current readiness factor, and then figure out how to be successful once they’re in the job. Women leaders have to learn to raise our hand and step into our power by first determining exactly what we want for our work and in our careers.

This program will answer the questions, “What can I do to take greater control of my career?” and “What do I really want?” Participants will create a structure to give them insight into the purpose, possibilities, and goals related to their career. The format is highly experiential and will include a unique self-assessment and visioning exercise to help participants identify their future paths and outline steps that they can immediately put into action. Length: Half or full day

Client Companies:

We have worked with many corporate women executives, senior leaders, and teams, as well as individual women who have attended our self leadership programs. Some of our most well known client companies and organizations include:Some of our most well known client companies and organizations include: CVSHealthPfizerEMCChubbHewlett Packard, CiscoCoca ColaSiemens, Harvard University’s Women’s Business ConventionWomen’s Food Forum Leadership Conference , IBM, Hanover Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual, Healthcare Financial Management, Simmons Leadership Conference, and The Conference Board’s Annual Women’s Leadership Conference.